Monday, August 9, 2010

Rock Star

All remixed except shirt
Shirt: thrifted
Belt: Target
Dress worn as skirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Steve Madden
Earrings: Kohl's

I felt like a rock star in this outfit. Maybe it's the fact that I was wearing a men's button up shirt that I scored for a whopping seventy-five cents at the thrift store and men's shirts on women seem very rock and roll to me. Maybe it was the fact that the colors on this shirt are a little bold and I just pushed it further with the bright blue shoes.

I don't know what it was, but I definitely had a spring in my step as I walked down to the printer to pick up instructions on how to create new web pages for the site using the Spanish template.

I've been wanting a denim pencil-y skirt for a while, and then I was like, "Ummm, you have a denim dress that YOU CAN'T STOP WEARING! Why haven't you tried to wear it as a skirt yet, you weirdo?!" Because that's how I talk to myself: in exclamations.

So I wore this dress as a skirt today with a plaid shirt I've been wanting to wear. This shirt is insanely soft and comfortable and I don't have to worry about it buttoning over my chest or gaping or doing anything weird. It's just nice and roomy and did I mention soft? Because it's sooooft.

And that's me smoothing down my fly aways.

Y'all! I got a Versatile Blogger Award from Chantele over at Daisy Dayz! I have to share seven facts about myself, but after seeing her video with the facts, I kind of want to do the same thing. I'm a copy cat like that. Besides, I need to get over my fear of the video camera and I'm sure y'all are wondering about my voice. I mean, I live in Philly but use "y'all"? I must have a strange accent. ;)

So my challenge for tomorrow is to figure out the web cam and make a video. And I just snuck in one gratuitous Kiku picture, but I hope you'll indulge me as I post two more. I accidentally kicked one of the couch cushions off the couch and she found it.

It was pretty comfortable so she brought her blanket over and got cozy.

And yes, those blue shoes have LEOPARD print inside. <3


  1. You ARE a rock star! Don't you forget it! :)

    Kiku is adorable! What a super cute puppy!

    I really love the idea of wearing men's clothing to toughen up an outfit - hence the boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazer, yada, yada, yada.

    And, I still love those shoes. Actually, I love them more knowing the insole is leopard print. Yay!

  2. yey! I want to hear what you sound like! Love the shoes! I must get a plaid shirt! They are great for this fall!

  3. Aww your pup is so cute!! Im glad I have inspired you to vlog I shall look forward to seeing it and hearing you! Daisy Dayz Home

  4. @ Mom: ¿Verdad que sí? I thought it was so funny that she cuddled up on the cushion.

    @ Melissa: Haha! Thanks! I think the leopard insoles were what really sold me on the shoes. ;)

    @ Shey: I'm sure you'll be able to find a plaid shirt on your thrifting adventures. I found quite a selection in the men's section. Here's hoping I can figure out how to do video!

  5. And the dress looks as good as a skirt as it did a top! Nice piece you have there. :-)Its a great color too, a nice deep indigo.

  6. You look amazing! I need to try that dress-as-skirt thing!! This outfit reminds me a lot of Kendi from!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  7. I think blue is the best color for you: you ALWAYS look amazing wearing it. I mean, EVERY TIME! :D

    loved the outfit. also, I love your dog :)

  8. I would have never guessed that the skirt is a it. That plaid shirt looks so great and those shoes rock!!

  9. This dress has been worn as a dress, a jumper, a skirt, AND a shirt. It's insanely versatile and I clearly love it. :)

    @ Elaine: A comparison to KENDI?! Thank you! I'm beyond flattered!

    @ Fer: I've been noticing that I get so many compliments when I wear blue. I never thought it was one of my colors, but I think you might be right. Thanks! (Kiku says thanks, too.)

    @ rlutz: Thanks so much! The shoes are a definite favorite.

  10. LOVE the dress as a skirt! was ben okay with this look? ;)
    - jessica


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