Friday, August 6, 2010

White on white

All remixed except skirt
Blouse: Target
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Mules: Off Broadway
Hoops: gift

So today's outfit was inspired by these two looks. I really liked their (almost) all white outfits, and decided to do my own little twist on this summery look.

My first twist was getting rid of pants. I mean, I own a pair of white pants, but they don't fit terribly well, and they're destined for my give away pile. Besides, I don't really like pants; I'm definitely a skirt girl.

I don't really own a white skirt, either, but this one is close. The color is so light that it looks white in the right light and from the right distance.

It's also got these cute, sailor-type buttons on the front, and who can resist that? Even if it does draw attention to your belly... Anyway, I got this skirt at the Ann Taylor outlet at least three years ago, and this is only the third time I've worn it. Isn't that pathetic?

I was originally going to wear a white tee - a fancy tee to be exact - but as I was looking for it, I saw this blouse and thought that it might work better, especially with that sweet little pleated detail at the neckline - it felt vaguely nautical to me, and that seemed to work with the skirt.

I tried on some silver peep toes with this, but then went with these nude mules because they felt more office appropriate. I have a love/hate relationship with mules because they so often look like house shoes to me and that's not a look I'm going for - though I love the ease of slipping them on. When you have a pointy toe, though, it's easier to distance yourself from the fuzzy slipper look.

And now, another awkward hands pose:

P.S. I just discovered today that mules were associated with PROSTITUTES in the early 20th Century?! Whaaaaaa?!


  1. I didn't know that little detail of mules! I have to read into that, I love your ourfit, we're wearing something similar, white on top and striped skirt! I love how pointy shoes look, they make the legs look leaner or something but they are very flattering. You look amazing today =)

  2. This look is so refreshing and cute! Love it!

  3. Thanks! I wear pointy toes all the time for the leg lengthening benefits - love them!
    And I felt so summery and fresh all day.

  4. The button front on the skirt is really cute.

  5. Too bad, I got home too late to see this outfit. Very nice. You look like a German country girl. Or something.

  6. Love it! You look gorgeous. I really love the button details on that skirt, you should wear it more often!

    And seriously? Mules and prostitutes? Weird.

  7. You need to wear this skirt much more often! Its great!! I would say more Cape Cod than German girl,(^^^^) but who's counting LOL!

    And I believe you are referring to the mules as dressing room/boudoir think courtesan as opposed to streetwalker. ;-)

  8. (Unlacing those high boots was a drag and time waster, but with those nice little mules you could be available much faster...)

  9. I was also thinking more Cape Cod than German country side. Also, your explanation about the courtesan TOTALLY makes sense and also explains why I associate mules with house shoes.

  10. Thanks! I wear pointy toes all the time for the leg lengthening benefits - love them!
    And I felt so summery and fresh all day.

  11. Well if ever they are the sexiest and dressiest slippers then ;).
    Joking, they are an all around elegant shoe, for bare legs and skirts, a comfier alternative to traditional heels, (you get the same if better with less elevation, more foot showing and no heel friction)


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