Thursday, April 22, 2010

Black and Blue

Black boyfriend blazer: Apt. 9 - Kohl's
Black cami: Ann Taylor Loft (back when they used all three names)
Blue ruffle blouse: New York & Co.
Black skinnies: New York & Co.
Electric blue patent pumps: Nine West
Chandelier earrings: New York & Co.

So, I didn't realize how much of this outfit came from New York & Co. until now.... I guess I shop there quite frequently, too.

This is my version of a suit, and it's the first time I've felt comfortable wearing something suit-like.
We had parent teacher conferences today for the second time this school year. It's a half day for the students, we get an hour for lunch, and then we meet with parents from 1 - 8. Yeah, it's a crazy long day. And I get to teach all day tomorrow, too! Yay.
Anyway, the "suit" is the kind of thing you can wear to tell a parent that their child is smart, but isn't working up to his or her potential. Except that I had to funk mine up just a bit so I didn't feel like I should be working in a cube somewhere.

So I put on the bright blouse with the interesting ruffles and popped my collar. The boyfriend style blazer, with its rolled up sleeves and lovely pin-striped lining, gives this a more modern vibe instead of feeling quite so corporate. Plus, the combination of brights and the popped collar make me feel like I'm channeling the 80s, and I dig that.

Also, I love these shoes. They are supremely comfortable and oh-so-sassy. You may recognize the pants from Monday's outfit. When these things happen, I pretend to be European. (Side note: Why is it that in the States we feel like it's a crisis if we wear the same thing twice in a week?)

Ignore my crazy hair. Aren't my earrings pretty? Just the pop of color I needed.

And the textures in this outfit?

Sublime. Pinstripes on pinstripes on ruffles.

And now I'm exhausted. Seriously, EXHAUSTED. But at least these pants are comfortable.

This is me pretending to be dead when B. asked me how I was doing. I'm a classy girl.

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