Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paris in the spring

Leopard print swing jacket: Banana Republic
Brown skirt: New York & Co.
Yellow snakeskin pointy-toed flats: SE Boutique via DSW

This is what I looked like leaving for and returning from work today, and that jacket is the reason I love spring. I cannot feel anything but Jackie O. fab in it. It's the perfect combination of classic and wild for me. Plus, you know, the added animal print bonus. Now, on to the rest of my ensemble.... (I am imagining "ensemble" being pronounced the French way, of course.)

Khaki swing jacket: New York & Co. (remixed)
White pleated blouse: Target
Blue printed scarf: Target
Green beaded bracelet: gift from my mom (handmade by a girl who used to go to church with my mom and used to have an etsy shop, but no longer does either.)
Yellow button earrings: free gift from Noble Town Vintage

I don't know why, but this outfit makes me feel kind of Parisian. Full disclosure: despite having lived in Europe for three years, I have never been to Paris. We did visit Strasbourg quite often, though, since we only lived an hour from the French border, so at least I've been to France.

Anyway, I think it's the blouse, with its sweet pleats in the front, and the scarf, which I wrapped into a cowl, that give off that vaguely French vibe. Yes? No?

I don't want to say that I adore that scarf, but I kinda do. The print makes me happy, much like those little button earrings. I got those with the purchase of a pair of vintage boots, and I was so excited to see what an adorable thank you gift I'd received. (Can you see why I love etsy?!)

This bracelet is a bit big on my wrist, so it slides around a lot as I move my arms, but we're doing PSSAs this week - Pennsylvania's brand of high-stakes tests - which means that I only see two of my five classes. We've been working on in-class projects instead of learning any new material, so I don't have to write on the board and can wear any bracelets I choose.
I love the variety of green beads on this particular bracelet, and I like how my accessories were nice and bright against the familiar palette of neutrals.

This is me being silly while B. takes my pictures. I put it up mostly because it shows my yellow shoes, and, as I told one of my coworkers today, nothing bad ever happens when I wear yellow shoes. He told me he hoped I broke my finger, but the yellow shoes seem to have done the trick and have held his ill wishes at bay. Dang skippy.

In the week or so since starting this blog I've discovered:
A) I buy a lot of clothes at Target.
B) No, really, I wear a lot of neutrals.
C) A full week and only one pair of jeans?! I'm more of a skirt girl than I thought.

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