Friday, April 23, 2010

Deja Vu

Black shirt dress: Banana Republic Factory Store
Zebra print belt: Target (remixed)
Black flats: Naturalizer (remixed)
Red beaded bracelets: gifts from uncle and cousin
Elephant earrings: Kohl's (remixed)

This looks a whole lot like last Friday's outfit. I was tired this morning and this was so easy to put on, so I just went with it.

Besides, I love wearing black.

This is me modeling with Kiku to distract you from my boring outfit.
The bracelets, however, are kinda fun and funky. They are from the collection I've amassed courtesy of my uncle Papo who's all kinds of fabulous when it comes to style. One of them came from my cousin, who got it from my uncle. But said cousin saw me admiring his bracelet and gave it to me. Does that story sound familiar? Yeah, it's happened before.

How great does B. look?! Yes, he's a full foot taller than I am.
Anyway, here's the run down on his outfit:
Striped chambray shirt: Kohl's (gift from me)
Dark wash bootcut jeans: Old Navy - thrifted
White shoes (are they sneakers? are they bowling shoes?): Skechers (gift from my parents)

Also, he wanted me to take an extra picture of his shoes, just so the Web got a good look at them.

He's definitely learning after helping me take all these pics.

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