Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On Safari

Khaki swing blazer: New York & Co.
Black tank: Target
Brown paper bag waist skirt: Ann Taylor Factory Store
Red patent peep toe wedges: ? Gift from parents
Plastic bangle: H&M
Necklace: Artisan's market in San Juan, PR
Elephant earrings: Kohl's
(Please ignore the can of WD-40 in the back)

This is my tribute to the safari look, which is in for spring, apparently, though I am so thoroughly enamored of all things safari that I've been doing similar things all winter long.

I have really fallen in love with the mini bouffant/headband combo this year. While I'll own up to owning Bump-Its, I have to say that I rarely use them any more since I've finally mastered the art of teasing my hair to fabulous heights. I like to think it's not "Jersey big hair", but rather a nod to the 60s. Y'all can set me straight on that.

Also, it was about 90 degrees in Philly, which meant that I needed to be comfortable at school (which can be crazy hot or crazy cold, depending on the AC) and while driving around with the windows down. Hence the tank with the swing jacket. This tank, while it has the benefits of keeping me nice and cool, and showing off my tattoo, is not appropriate for teaching sixteen-year-old boys about direct object pronouns.

From 2010-04-07

Hence, the swing jacket: covered up, breezy, comfortable. Also, the Jackie O. vibe? Yes, please. And can I take a minute to mention my collar bone? I always forget I have one, but it's so pronounced in that pic!

Speaking of collarbones, my necklace is one of the few Puerto Rico themed items I own, and pretty much the only one I wear in public. I love it because it's unabashedly Puerto Rican without looking cheap or cheesy AND it's got El Morro on it. If I ever lost it or it broke, I'd cry.

Even though I wore red shoes with all those neutrals AND I had the nerve to mix black and brown, not a single one of my students told me I didn't match. Which is a miracle, because they usually do.


  1. yay! i like this idea of a frances style blog. my only request is that you take pictures that are a little bit more close up. my old lady eyes can't see that you are even wearing earrings let alone what they look like.

  2. also can we please talk about the tiny little closet door next to you?! do you have a pack of tiny little garden gnomes that live under your stairs??! that is too freaking cute.

  3. I'll work on the close-ups. I got pics of today's earrings and bracelet separate from my outfit, so that should help a bit. I want to get some really good pics of my elephant earrings, mostly because I am ob. sessed. with them.

    The tiny door is our crawl space. I freakin' love it and the fact that it looks like I'm a giant standing next to it.


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