Monday, April 12, 2010

Green and puppies

Green cardigan: Banana Republic - gift from a friend
White drapey neck t-shirt: Ann Taylor Outlet
Vintage Etienne Aigner belt: thrifted
Brown knit high-waisted pencil skirt: New York & Co.
Nude pumps: Nine West
Pearl earrings: gift from India
Adorable puppy in the background: Kiku

I felt all kinds of both stylish and comfortable in today's outfit. I mean, you just can't go wrong with all that knitwear, and I loved the color palette.

From 2010-04-12

I kept my jewelry lady-like, to go with my 60s secretary vibe - at least, I like to think I was channeling an early 60s secretary. These earrings were a recent gift from a friend of B.'s who runs a children's home in southern India and was visiting us for a while. They're pearls, but certainly not export quality. I love them because of the subtle irregularities - they're not exactly the same shape and size - that remind me of when I used to wear two different earrings every day of my middle school life. Also, that's my favorite headband. I believe I got it at Target, and it's by Sc√ľnci - all day comfort, I swear.

From 2010-04-12

I'll confess that this outfit was built around the green cardigan, but it's also the first time I've worn my vintage Etienne Aigner belt. I nabbed this belt for about $3 a month or so ago, and have been trying to make it work in outfit after outfit, but this is the first time I was happy with the results. That picture is pretty crappy and does a great job of highlighting the wear and tear on the belt, but from far away, it looks fabulous, doesn't it? One of my students mistook the double "A" logo for the Chanel logo, and asked me if it was Chanel or Channel. I let it go, figuring that she probably wasn't familiar with Etienne Aigner.

From 2010-04-12

This cardigan is wonderful. It's soft and cozy without being too warm, it's green (my favorite color), and it's got these crazy buttons. Aren't they adorable? All nubby and knotted? Love 'em.

From 2010-04-12

Allow me a moment to sing the praises of the nude pump. They really do make your legs look a million times longer, they match with pretty much anything, and they are way more appropriate for spring than the reliable old black pump. These are crazy old and have served me well. I used to live near a Nine West outlet which always had buy one get one 50% off sales, so I was hooked. I still am hooked on Nine West, though I have recently started branching out as far as shoes are concerned.

Oh, and can you see Kiku trying to get in on the picture taking action again?

She is so stinkin' adorable.
From 2010-04-12

Look at that blur of a tail: she's so happy!

And so am I.

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