Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday mornin'

White button-up: Gap
Blue and white pinstripe skirt: Target
Massive belt buckle: thrifted, remixed
Brown loafers: thrifted
Yellow bangle: Cua Lo Beach, Vietnam, remixed
Brown beaded earrings: Target

This outfit marks the debut of what I call "the ugly shoes". I picked them up on the same thrifting excursion where I got the belt with the massive belt buckle for $7. They're not my usual style, but I fell in love with the detail on the front and the buttery-soft leather. I tried them on with a skirt and thought, "You know, I could totally work these shoes". When I showed them to B., he said, "Those are AWFUL. I hate them." Or something along those lines. I showed them to my mom and my sister, and they also said, "My eyes! I hate them! Those are the ugliest shoes ever!" Or something like that. So now, I call them the ugly shoes. Except that I'm in love with them.

(This is probably the least flattering view of my feet EVER, but, oh, well.) They're comfortable and funky. B. and I went to a vintage clothing sale today after church. They basically had a 1000 pound bale of clothes which they broke open and let folks dig through. So I did a little digging and scored some cute stuff. When I paid for it, one of the girls working the sale said, "Oh, your shoes are so cute!" I thanked her and promptly told her that B. hated them, which she couldn't believe. All that to say, I'm feeling vindicated when it comes to these shoes.

This is me waiting for B. to take my picture; my face here is pretty much hilarious.
The rest of the outfit is pretty low-key. That white button down is my absolute favorite because it actually buttons relatively comfortably over my bust. I rarely wear button-down shirts because they are such a pain to fit with my relatively large bust and wide ribcage, but this one has minimal gaping. Also, the cuffs and collar have yellow pinstriped fabric underneath which just makes me happy.

Here you can see that I've lost the back for one of these earrings. Anyway, they jingle when I move my head, which is always fun.

Also, I'm still excited about that belt. AND about the fact that my skirt has pockets.

Look at how sassy this outfit makes me feel! All kinds of sassy!

Alright. On to my lesson plans....

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