Monday, May 10, 2010

Dress Your Best Week - Day 1 - Ode to my booty

Khaki pants: Ann Taylor
Grey tee (sshh, don't tell my bosses): J Crew
Charcoal grey blazer: Kohl's
Blue necklace: ? gift from my mom
Silver hoops: ? gift from my mom (remixed)
Black belt: Kohl's (remixed endlessly)
Electric blue pumps: Nine West (remixed)
Silver bangle: ? no idea (remixed)

Is anyone else participating in Academic Chic's Dress Your Best Week? We'll be showcasing our favorite things about our bodies with what we wear, you know, as opposed to downplaying the parts that we don't love as much. The five parts I'll be showcasing? Here they are in no particular order:

1. My strong legs,
2. collar bone,
3. booty,
4. hair,
5. and eyes.

Today, I fully intended to wear something to show off my legs, but it's unseasonably cold here in Philly, and I decided to go with pants. Pants. I know. It's crazy. I hardly ever wear them, but I do think that they show off my booty more effectively - and more appropriately for a work day.

This outfit was built around the grey tee, I won't lie. I've been looking for the perfect grey tee for the longest, and I FINALLY found one over the weekend, so I was pumped to wear it. Now, I will admit that tees are against our dress code, but I figured that the blazer was enough to dress this up. The blazer is a bit big, so I belted it, pushed up the sleeves, and called it a day. I kind of feel like it looks way more sophisticated with the belt, though those scrunched sleeves are all kinds of casual.

I threw this necklace on at the last minute because it adds a dash of color. It was too long to wear with the blazer and the belt, so I knotted it, and I kind of like how it turned out.

Then I echoed the blue in my fabulous shoes. LOVE!

Now, about my booty:
I haven't always loved my butt, though I have never shied away from having a "big" one. My mom and my sister have these enviable, stereotypically Puerto Rican pear-shaped bodies, what we call "cuerpo de guitarra" because they look like guitars. I, however, am a bit boxier; I'm totally built like my dad: straight waist, strong legs, broad shoulders. That said, I'm not a woman without curves.
I remember being 12 and 13 on the beaches of Puerto Rico where my aunts told me that I had such a wonderful butt. Is that weird? I was pretty proud of it then, but then I started to compare it to my sister's and my mom's and felt woefully inadequate. I started to believe I had no butt, and I searched high and low for pants that would create that lovely curve in the back.
These days, between exercise, wisdom that comes with age, and my husband's compliments, I have come to terms with my booty. No, it's not as round as some women's, but it's certainly not flat. I've got a li'l bit of booty, and I love that.

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