Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dress it up

Leaf print full skirt: Target
Black tank: Target
Black cardigan: Urban Behavior?
Black pointy-toed flats: Naturalizer
Silver bracelet: ? no idea
Silver leaf earrings: Kohl's
Wide black belt: Target

No, I didn't really branch out with the accessories or explore bold, new color combinations, but I am pretty stinkin' proud of this outfit, and I'll tell you why: I have never before worn this skirt as part of a "work appropriate" look. My school is crazy conservative with the dress code: no denim, no skirts above the knee, no tee-shirts. Yesterday, we got an email reminding us not to wear skirts above the knee, leggings, or "overly casual sandals". This skirt is all kinds of casual, and I usually wear it with flip flops (which falls into "overly casual" camp).

So first, I tucked in my tank and threw on a cardigan. Because a cardi makes a tank work appropriate, of course. (Sidebar: this cardigan was an emergency purchase one day when I was freezing at the mall and needed something vaguely warm and also cheap.)

Then I belted it, which can often elevate the "register" of an outfit, I think.

Finally, the accessories:

silver leaf earrings to echo the leafy print in the skirt,

a silver bangle (I have no idea where I got it), and pointy-toed flats.

So, no, nothing too crazy unexpected, but it was something I put a bit of thought into, and I like it. Besides, that skirt has pockets. Love!


  1. i love skirts with pockets. someday i'm going to sew myself a skirt with pockets. first i'm going to learn how to sew things that aren't quilts.

  2. That is my eventual plan, you know, after I learn to sew things that aren't rows of stitches on scraps of fabric at the sewing machine store.


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