Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The most uncomfortable shoes known to man

Ivory cardigan: Gap
Brown tank: Target
Brown woven belt: Target (remixed)
Blue and orange full skirt: Target
Dangly earrings: Kohl's
Beaded bracelet: made by me
Funky wooden hair stick: Buenos Aires street market
Yellow peep toe flats: Banana Republic

I own four pairs of yellow shoes. Four. Is that excessive?
Of those four pairs, these are hands down the most uncomfortable. "Uncomfortable?" you ask, "But they're flats!"

Oh, my friends, don't let their lack of heel fool you. These shoes are like that kid in the class who looks like he's all of ten years old but turns out to have the innocence of a twenty-one-year-old frat boy from Jersey who wears too much Axe.
Basically, they cut into my toes and heels and have so little support that I couldn't wait to get home to take them off. Seriously, my three most uncomfortable pairs of shoes are flats, and my heels are insanely comfortable. Maybe it's because I only buy cheap-o flats, but I make sure that my heels are flexible and have some padding.

It's a shame, though, because those little yellow shoes are adorbs.

I made that bracelet years ago, when I lived in Atlanta. Two of my housemates volunteered at a thrift store that had received tons of broken jewelry. They brought the beads home and we made a night of jewelry making. Does that count as upcycling?

I love the funky print on this full skirt, but I often have a hard time styling it because of the elastic waistband and the fullness of the garment. This outfit turned out quite well, though. I tucked in a basic tank and threw a belt on over the elastic waistband to give the whole thing a bit more structure. The cardigan serves to cover up my tattoo and hide my "exposed seams", making the whole thing look like a dress. At least, that was my intention, and one of my students was fooled. He raised his hand, and when I called on him, he said, "Miss, I like your dress".
Mission accomplished.

My hair is kinda crazy today, but look at the funky hair stick! It's wooden - with little notches cut into it which I swear gives it the ability to actually hold my hair. It's also got what I can only describe as a glob of metal stuck to one end. I got it at a street market that summer (their winter) in Buenos Aires, which means it's been in my repertoire for eight years. Wow. I'm old.

And now, I'm wearing my flip flops, relishing the fact that no shoes are digging into the back of my heels.

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