Saturday, May 29, 2010


Denim dress: Ann Taylor (remixed)
Blue belt: thrifted
Crazy print scarf: Target (remixed)
Silver hoops: gift from mom (remixed)
Beaded bracelets: gifts from uncle and cousin (remixed)
Flower bobby pin: Blume Bloom via Etsy
Red wedges: Nine West

Remember how I'm trying to wear this dress every weekend until work is over? Here it is again. I don't think I've gotten terribly creative with it, but I really love it.

B. and I decided to go to Ten Thousand Villages to use a gift certificate we got as a wedding gift. Yes, we still have wedding gifts that we need to use. Our plan was to get something that we could take with us if/when we move far, far away from here, so we went with a batik wall hanging, though we were seriously tempted by some flower pots.

After that, we went to the Italian Market in South Philly where B. took some fabulous pictures of me. He's becoming quite the photographer, which is a real feat with our lame-o camera.

This is the first time I've brought these shoes out this season. They are so comfortable for walking, probably because of the sturdy wedge, and are classically stylish. I've had these shoes forever, and I hope to be wearing them for years to come.

I like to think that the bracelets and scarf tied my belt and my shoes together. The belt isn't quite turquoise, but I was inspired by my love of red and turquoise - I guess I'm also digging red and sky blue. Also, can you see the delicious Mexican sodas behind me? Yes, the Italian Market is actually the Italian, Mexican, and Vietnamese market. Only in the USA, kids; that's what I like about this country. We finished off our excursion with dinner at South Street Souvlaki (mmmm, Greek food) where I rediscovered the depths of my love for baklava.

Have I mentioned yet that I love this weekend? I really do.


  1. wow that dress is great! and it fits you so well! Love this look.

  2. Thanks! I am trying to get the most bang for my buck with this dress. It's so comfortable and classic, that I feel like I can do a lot with it.

  3. wow that dress is great! and it fits you so well! Love this look.


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