Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend dresses

Let's start with my least favorite weekend look, today's maxi dress.

Maxi dress: Valija Gitana in Puerto Rico
Black tank: Target
Black flip flops: Rainbow
Medallion earrings: Target
Silver cuff: American Eagle

I love the print on this dress, and I fell in love with it when I tried it on at the store and when I wore it as my traje de desposada after getting married, but I am not loving it in these pictures. Maybe I should shorten it so I don't look like I'm being swallowed up by yards and yards of fabric? *sigh* Long skirts and I don't get along. This one was even longer when I bought it and my grandmother had to lop off about four inches and hem it by hand the day of the wedding so I could wear it that night. (For those who don't know, in PR women choose a dress that they'll wear to leave the reception, because, seriously, you need help to get out of your wedding dress and all the pieces that go along with it.) Anyway, it may need additional shortening; we'll see what happens.

I've had that cuff for ages, as evidenced by its scratched surface, and those earrings just happened to be easily accessible this morning as I was getting ready for church.

On Saturday night, B. and I went salsa dancing for his birthday.

Black vintage dress: ? thrifted
Black belt: came with a blazer (Kohl's)
Fuschia snakeskin sandals: Nine West
Silver cuff: Kohl's
Black and silver hoops: Liz Claiborne (gift from parents)
Big hair: pin curls and flat iron used as a curling iron

I took few pictures of this outfit last night, but my GOSH, do I love it. I mean, I LOVE this dress.
I know, it's so 1985 with that big hair, but I felt so sassy and sexy in it.
The original plan was to sell this on etsy, but I put it on to take pictures, and I fell in love, and so did B. Now it's in my closet.
I love the details at the sweetheart neckline:

Cut outs AND embroidery! I'm in heaven.

I love the sleeves:

Shoulder pads and ruching! Eeee!

I love the flattering silhouette:

It's safe to say that this dress is a winner.

And while I don't have any really good pics of my outfit for Saturday morning, I do have this:

Brown and black embroidered dress: Target
Orange sunnies: Target ($3.24!)
Medallion earrings: Target
Plastic bangle: H&M (remixed)

On B:
Black T: Zoo York

That's us on the mural tour where we saw Philly's most expensive mural:


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