Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Double Header

Denim dress: Ann Taylor (remixed)
Yellow print infinity scarf: J Crew (remixed)
Orange sunnies: Target (remixed)
Yellow gladiator sandals: Chinese Laundry via Ross
Medallion earrings: Target (remixed)
Wooden bracelets: gift from my mom
Leopard print tote: H&M

Yesterday we took B's sister and her husband (hereafter known as M&Z) around Philly. This outfit probably looks familiar. That's because I wore it last Sunday. I love this dress so much, that I keep dreaming about wearing it to work on the last day of school. Take that, no denim dress code! *sigh* Anyway, I'll probably be living in it on the weekends and throughout the summer, so get used to it.

It was a bit chilly, so I threw on the scarf and a cardi - but I have no pictures of the cardi.

We took these pics after taking pictures of the Rocky statue (see 0:49) and climbing the steps in front of the art museum like tourists. A welcome change from pictures in the kitchen, huh?

I love these sandals. The studs are fun and funky, plus yellow shoes make me happy, but my favorite part of this outfit?

This scarf, which I spent all day playing with the way I'm playing with it in this picture. It's delightful - kind of like having a security blanket around my neck.

Vintage embroidered peasant shirt: Random vintage clothing dig
Black ankle zip cropped pants: New York & Co.
Tan and turquoise sandals: Target
Silver and turquoise bracelet: Chaps (remixed)
Silver hoops: gift from my mom.

Our plans for today consisted of going to church, seeing M&Z off, and getting ready for an important Skype session that will help us determine the course of the REST OF OUR LIVES, so I didn't really dress up.

I love these sandals. I got them off the clearance rack at Target years ago, and I've been wearing them all over the place since. They're a step up from a basic flip flop, but they're still casual and fun.

I've had these pants for what feels like forever, too. They're great for summer, spring, and fall - comfortable as a pair of jeans but work appropriate since they're not denim. That means I'll be wearing them to work sometime soon.

The real star of this outfit, however, if the shirt.

I found it at a vintage clothing dig. Everything was dusty and dirty and it was hard to see what this would look like after it met the cleaners. It turned out pretty well, though there are some stains in the back that wouldn't come out. That's right: I'm wearing a dirty old shirt.

Wish us luck with our Skype meeting!


  1. Gracias por visitar mi blog, oye me encanta esta blusita,es justamente lo que estado buscando! Yo tenia una que habia comprado en Mexico pero creo que los ratones se la llevaron porque no la encuentro por ningun lado. =)

  2. ¡Esos ratones! Jejeje A mí también me encanta esta blusa. Ojalá encuentres una parecida. :)


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