Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Crazy print wrap dress: custom made in Vietnam
Purple tank: Target
Silver micro-wedges: Nine West
Silver cuff: American Eagle
Silver hoops: gift from my mom
Black headband: Forever 21

Excuse the crazy face; I went to the dentist and half my face is numb.

It's about 90 delicious degrees in Philly. Yes, I am one of those rare, crazy people that loves the heat and humidity. What can I say? I'm a displaced Puerto Rican.

This is my absolute favorite dress in the whole wide world. I got it made for me in Vietnam, based on my second favorite dress in the world - actually, it might be my third favorite at this point in my life. Anyway, I knew that I was going to have some dresses made, so one of the Vietnamese teachers took us to the market to pick out some fabrics. I spotted this crazy print and fell in love with it, even though it's completely different from anything else in my closet, so I got a meter or two and took it to the shop where they made this beauty. The whole operation cost me about $10, and it's been in heavy rotation every summer since, and it's gotten insanely soft over the years.

It's the first time I've worn it to (real) work. I wore it when I worked at the day camp in DC one summer and also to work in Vietnam, but not to my real teaching job. I decided to go with it today because A, it makes me happy and B, it's steamy. I made it work appropriate with the silver wedges instead of my usual sandals, and I wore a grey cardigan in the classroom that's always freezing. (I teach in two rooms, one is freezing and the other is hot - you can't win.)

These shoes are super cute and super comfy. Also, I picked them up for $11 on the clearance rack at the Nine West outlet down in VA. Every time I think of that it just makes me happy.

I've been gravitating towards pieces that are super comfortable and make me happy probably because I've been feeling pretty terrible still - we'll see what they tell me next week....

Only two and a half weeks till school's out, nine days till my birthday, and sixteen days till the World Cup. Happy days...


  1. and one month til you see me!!!!!!!!!!
    i hope you feel better soon.

  2. I know that's right! Happy days in the ATL are still to come! <3

  3. Wow - this dress is beautiful. I love the colors and the cut!


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