Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shades of blue

Blue striped sleeveless shirt: Target
Khaki skirt: Ann Taylor
White cami: Target
Blue peep toe wedges: Steve Madden Luxe via DSW
Silver cuff: American Eagle (remixed)
Blue and green beaded earrings: New York & Co. (remixed)
Angry eyes: genetic, courtesy of my father

Let's be honest: the shoes are the star of this outfit. They are a fabulous shade of blue, have that adorable ruffle along the peep toe, and are lined with a pastiche of animal prints. It makes me happy to know there are leopards and tigers under my feet.

How hot are these shoes?! I found them on the clearance rack at DSW in the fall and thanked God for my tiny feet. I swear that's the reason I find such great shoes on clearance. Anyway, the wedge heel is divinely comfortable for teaching and I love the way the fabric uppers stretch. Plus, don't these shoes just scream summer? Swoon.

I feel like I was really playing with proportions in this outfit - lengthening my torso, shortening my legs, accentuating my straightish figure - which is not what I usually do. I'm still not totally sure if I like this look or not, but I think it worked pretty well for today. I did get some compliments from the kiddos: "Miss, you look nice today", "Miss, you look young!", "Miss, you look different". It couldn't have been that bad, right?

I've had that little shirt in my closet for a couple years now. I got it for $4 at Target (can y'all tell that Target is my happy place?) and this is the first time I've worn it. I don't know how it's survived multiple closet purges, but it has.

The thing is, I have a love/hate relationships with button down shirts mostly because I have a relatively large bust and what I call "the world's widest ribcage". I am not narrow on top by any stretch of the imagination and I spend way too much time tugging at the shirt to make sure it's not gaping. And gaping is a problem with this top. It wasn't too bad today, but I was ultra aware of the possibility all day long.
But the stripes look so fresh, and the ruffles at the "sleeves" are so sweet, and there's a touch of green at the exposed part of the collar - all those details won me over this morning.

Besides, it all just feels like summer.

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