Friday, May 28, 2010


Grey and white striped tee: Gap Outlet
Black pencil skirt: Gap Outlet (remixed)
Black belt: Target (remixed)
Red patent peep toe wedges: gift from parents (remixed)
Silver hoops: gift from mom (remixed endlessly)

This outfit is super basic and comfy, but I was pretty excited about it because I LOVE this tee, but have been just absolutely at a loss when it comes to styling it. It's a little long and it clings around my hips while being loose around my waist and bust. But it's got stripes! And a boat neck! And it's vaguely French AND vaguely nautical!

I think it works tucked into this basic skirt. It hides the parts of the shirt that I don't like while showing off the parts that I do. (Do you see how I put all the blame on my shirt? That's me embracing my hips.) I went with the red shoes because they're perfect for this weather, they're comfortable, and they're bright. Nothing punches up an outfit full of neutrals like a bright shoe.

I like the belt, too, since it cinches me in at the waist. I've always thought I was a rectangle, but these pictures (and a few others) are making me think that I may have more hourglass tendencies than I originally thought. Maybe? Maybe not?

I like the (very) subtle pattern mixing that came into play with this belt. I originally planned to wear my $1 Coach belt again, but decided to go with this one instead because I liked the juxtaposition of the scalloped edging and pretty designs against those no-nonsense stripes.

Y'all will have to excuse me for not smiling. It's been a loooong, rough week, and I am still not feeling very good, but at least I look good.


  1. Cute - I love the stripes and of course, the pencil skirt looks great!

  2. Thanks! I think this is my favorite way ever to wear this shirt. Why was I wasting my time with jeans for so long?!

  3. You have the perfect hour glass figure! I wish I could wear pencil skirts and belted! But I am a rectangle shape so pencil skirts are not the most flattering to me. Anyways that skirt fits you divine.

  4. Thanks! It's crazy that I never realized that until I started looking at the pictures. I love your flowy skirts, though. I always feel like I get lost in them.


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