Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well, folks, I'm feeling mostly better. I'm still feeling pretty light headed every once in a while, but it's not too bad. I mean, I got out of bed and got dressed every day this weekend.

Vintage pink dancing dress and jacket: thrifted
Grey flower belt: J Crew
Grey patent pumps: Steve Madden (remixed)
Quartzy earrings: Kohl's (remixed)
Vintage white clutch in the background: thrifted and available here.

One of B.'s thousands of cousins got married on Saturday and I took advantage of the situation to wear this dress, which I fell IN LOVE WITH when I was at my favorite thrift store this past Monday. I love it, but it's pretty see through, which meant I had to wear a slip, and thus had to wear the jacket to cover the straps on my slip as well. While I thought it was cute, I'm wondering if the jacket might just be a touch too matronly. I don't know... I'm also thinking I might have to shorten the dress, you know, once I learn to use my new sewing machine (!). I got a brief tutorial from my MIL last night, which I'm sure means I'm now a pro. Or something. (Anyone in the Philly area want to give me some additional lessons? I'll pay you in home cooked Puerto Rican food....)

It's a cute jacket, though, with those little lace panels. I'm going to have to think of different ways to wear it, which might be a fun little project for this summer.

This is the first time I've worn this flower belt which my mom gave me when I was last down in VA. I think it's adorable.

This ginormous stuffed bear is hilarious. Here, B. is attacking it in his Chaps linen blend pants, aqua shirt, and brown shoes (all from Kohl's) while I make weird faces.

Today we went to church and then took A., B.'s sister to The Magic Gardens down on South Street. I took these pics right after church, but changed into a pair of boots to go downtown - hopefully I'll have a picture of that at some point.

Denim dress: Ann Taylor (remixed)
Red and white striped popover shirt: New York & Co.
Vintage "ugly shoes": thrifted (remixed)
Black belt: Target
Red beaded bracelets: gifts from uncle/cousin (remixed)
Turquoise earrings: American Eagle

I told B. that it is my goal to wear this dress every weekend for as long as school is in session. I love it that much.

I think this is probably the most creative I've gotten with it thus far, and I kind of like the school girl vibe it gives.

First, there's this shirt layered underneath, which was good because it was pretty chilly today. Also, it looks so crisp and fresh.

Then I pulled off the denim tie belt that came with the dress and threaded this black belt through for a little extra structure.

Next, the ugly shoes. I was originally planning to wear a pair of black flats, but I couldn't find them, so I grabbed these since I haven't worn them very often and I like them. Even if B. hates them.

Finally there are my reddish bracelets and the turquoise earrings. I love the combination of red and turquoise: it's bold but classic.

I was pretty satisfied with this look: comfortable, stylish, a little out of my usual look while still being "me".

Oh, and: exposed zippers? On pockets? Best idea ever.

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