Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dress Your Best Week - Day 2 - Look me in the eye

Black skinnies: New York & Co. (remixed)
Green tank: Target
Grey cardi: Ann Taylor
Cuff with jewel: Kohl's
Grey patent pumps: Steve Madden (remixed)
Hoop earrings: gift from my uncle
Zebra belt: Target (remixed)

Another cold, rainy day in Philly, so I went for pants. Again! I know! This is insane! These are probably the pants I love the most of all the pants I own, because they fit like a pair of yoga pants, except, you know, there's a button and a zipper, which makes them real pants.

Today, I'm trying to draw your attention to my eyes, which I love, but as I was getting dressed, I could see how this outfit flatters me in all the right places: the curve of my booty, the length of my legs, my clavicle. I kind of fell in love with my body in this outfit, which is, I guess, the point behind Dress Your Best Week.

I am a sexy mama today. And I'm rockin' my hair in its most natural state meaning I washed it, put a tiny bit of mousse in, and fell asleep. Then I woke up and pinned it haphazardly, and I love it.

But yeah, the focus is on my eyes, and to prove it, I put on eyeshadow. Lately, I've been sweeping bronzer over both my eyelids and cheekbones and calling it a day, but I put on two different colors today. Two! One of those colors is an eggplant shade, which is supposed to make brown eyes pop. So these eyes are poppin'.

I love the shape of my eyes, though I don't know that I have the right modifiers to describe them. When I was in Chile, one of the women we met and talked to during our research said I had "ojos mediterrĂ¡neos" - Mediterranean eyes. They're large, dark - really dark - and almost almond-shaped. Also, they work. I've been wearing glasses since I was five and contacts since I was ten and I haven't been able to see the big "E" on the eye chart for the past five years. Basically, my eyesight is terrible thanks to both genetics and terrible habits (I read in the dark in cars and under the covers and have used computers for too many years), but I pop in my toric lenses (because I am crazy nearsighted and also have an astigmatism) and I can suddenly see. Which is why I love my eyes, because they may have given me headaches both literal and figurative over the years, but they keep on working and letting me do the things I love to do. Though I complain about the dark circles and the bags, I am eternally grateful for these eyes that can see while being pretty, striking, and unusual.


  1. I love this outfit!!! You look fabulous. I think that you truly achieved the goal of making your eyes pop! :)


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