Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mix it Up

Blue and white striped oxford: J Crew Factory Store
Brown skirt: New York & Co. (remixed)
Blue cami (invisible in these shots): Target (remixed)
Nude pumps: Nine West (remixed)
Gold chandelier earrings: Kohl's (remixed)
Silver and turquoise bracelet: Chaps (remixed)
Headband: Scunci (remixed)

I got this shirt during my last trip to VA and I loved it, but it's been a bit hard to style. It's billed as a boyfriend shirt, which means it's cut a bit loosely. My original plan was to tuck it into a pencil skirt, but it was too voluminous for that to work out well. I wore it with skinny jeans around the house the other day, but I wasn't head over heels with that look - I'd thought maybe I could belt it, but that didn't quite work, either.

The face I'm making here pretty much sums up my ambivalence about all the ways I've tried to wear this shirt. While I think that this is the most successful of the combinations, I still feel that it's not quite where I want it. Give me a couple more days, and I think I'll figure it out. In the meantime, any and all suggestions are welcome....

One thing I am thankful for is the way this outfit looks quite professional even though I am also super comfy. This was pretty great since I had an unexpected meeting with a parent after school.

Also, I enjoyed the gold/silver mix:

I figure it's okay because A, these items are so far away from one another and B, I already mix black and brown, which I'm sure is a greater fashion sin.

Also, shout out to my mom for giving me this bracelet which I've already worn so many times I've lost count. How do you know me so well?!

Oh, and a few of my thrifting finds are up on the etsy shop.
For example, there's this fabulous polka dot top:

And this slinky top:

Be on the look out for these fine finds:
This very Nice tunic (pronounced the French way, of course)

and this party tee:


  1. I like the office look with the pencil skirt and the shirt, I wish I could wear mine like that but I have no curves so it would not look as nice. =)

  2. Thanks! I wasn't loving it yesterday, but I looked at it again today and decided it was a good look.


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